What We offer

Located inside Netcare Sunninghill, the practice is furnished with various facilities to cater to your cardiovascular needs. 

We are equipped to diagnose, grade and treat a wide range of cardiac diseases. Our access to the state of the art equipment at Sunninghill, coupled with Dr Anthony’s expertise, makes this practice the ideal choice.

About Dr Anthony Stanley

Dr Anthony is a highly qualified and experienced cardiologist based in Johannesburg South Africa. He has been fortunate to be exposed to the many aspects of cardiology in both his training and private practice. While the practice has a strong bias towards electrophysiology and pacing the skill set necessary to manage and treat all aspects of cardiovascular disease have been maintained.


Dr Anthony’s passion for medicine is illustrated by his lengthy and impressive career. He began working as a medical registrar and became a specialist Physician after completing his FCP. This was followed by two years as a consultant in the medical oncology department of the transfer hospital. He then changed to cardiology and was registered as a cardiologist in 1988. During this time he developed a deep interest in pacing, electrophysiology and interventional cardiology as well as general cardiology.

He has passed numerous international exams in pacing and device management (CCDS-IBHRE), electrophysiology (CEPS-IBHRE and ECES (EHRA certificate in electrophysiology) and is a fellow of the European society of cardiology.

He regularly attends international conferences in these fields.

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